The unmanned vehicle conference  UVID Dronetech, which will take place on November 2021 and is being held for the ninth year, is the most prestigious and high-quality event in Israel dealing with unmanned vehicles, with an emphasis on unmanned aircraft systems (unmanned aerial vehicles/remotely piloted aircraft), in which the State of Israel is one of the world's leaders.

The unmanned vehicle conference distinguishes itself as a central meeting place for creating dialogue on the topic of opportunities and challenges influencing the international community. In addition, the conference offers an opportunity for all participants to learn about the ultra-modern approaches in the field of unmanned vehicles, with a focus on the aerial field in the civilian and defense sectors.

Each year, UVID Dronetech presents a unique collection of keynote lectures, panels and group discussions led by experts and senior figures in the field, combined with special events that cover specific topics and enable participants to participate in the dialogue.

The main theme of the event will be "The Drone’s Role as a National Engine of Growth", along with four other key topics: lifesaving missions and smart solutions using UAVs; drone autonomy, AI, swarms and big data; innovations and breakthrough technologies; and dealing with UAV threats.

In order to participate in these special events, it is necessary to buy a ticket covering all of the lectures.

One of the leading advantages of UVID Dronetech is the variety of speakers and participants who attend from all over the world. Among the speakers who participated in previous UVID conferences are senior figures from the field of unmanned systems, decisionmakers from around the world, technological experts, investors and innovators, who gather together to create a strategic dialogue dealing with the many challenges facing the unmanned vehicle field, while creating an ultra-modern ecosystem. 

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